Exercises & Resources

The resources listed below compliment the exercises outlined in the book.

Once we have developed a trusting relationship with a young person
it is important to get them to think about a place where they feel safe... this
could be real or imagined, and can be a place that they are encouraged to return to
in their imagination, whenever they feel the need to ground themselves or as part of the
meditative process that is central to the work that we do on improving wellbeing and mental health.

Golden Egg of Light

When we visualise surrounding ourselves by golden light we invite
our minds and bodies to relax and feel warm, loved and safe.

This is an aspect of the work that myself and the teenagers I worked with came back to time and time again.

Each week after checking in they would ask that we go to the place of golden light and from there to their safe place.

The comfort that they gained from this practice echos the practice of myriad belief systems, golden light and its halo affect is central to Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Muslim and Hindi practice.

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Worksheet Downloads

The worksheets are designed to be used with the meditative exercises.

It is fine to use them in a relaxed order, but my preference is to start with the safe space worksheet because it is important to have a safe space in mind before starting the meditations and relaxation programs.